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Audio Books Online - an Introduction

Thursday, June 4th, 2009
Suzie Goldie asked:

When it comes to the endless benefits associated with audio books, this innovative system of entertainment is responsible for a wide-range of accomplishments. The availability of audio books online allow college students to gain a better understanding of a foreign language or other course material. They also equip business professionals with enhanced confidence pertaining to their field. The many different uses for audio books are rather impressive, as a never-ending collection of titles await your curiosity. Before pursuing a particular online site for your source of audio books, consider the following factors:

Extensive Selection of Titles

Number one bestsellers, classic children’s tales, informative how-to’s, and helpful self-improvement titles are just some of the subjects and topics covered in the world of audio books. Thousands upon thousands of possibilities are offered on downloadable and mail order audio book sites, which span an endless selection of titles. Today, millions of people enjoy access to radio dramas, thrillers, comedies, romance, tragedies, and biographies.

Major publishers, such as Harper-Collins, Time Warner, and Simon & Schuster contribute to some of the best-selling audio books on the market. Some audio books even showcase original audio theater presentations hailing from exotic and international locations in the world. There is also no need to look elsewhere for audio books, as the majority of sites dedicated to purchasing and downloading of these materials offer new titles on a daily or weekly basis.

Type of Services

When looking for audio books online, you will encounter a variety of services to consider. Some sites require a subscription in order to gain access to a collection of titles. After joining a membership, an individual then pays a monthly or yearly fee to either download or have audio books sent to their home. Subscriptions to an audio book site is not always required, as some people can simply purchase the titles they want whenever they wish.

Possible Software Installation

Depending on the audio book site you settle on, you may or may not have to download extra software in order to gain access to your selected titles. While some sites require the installation of software, other sites are already compatible with software found on the majority of current computer models.

Audio File Downloads

After you’ve downloaded a selected audio book title to your computer, you will encounter a great deal of flexibility. With this kind of system, you can transfer your audio files to a wide range of media options to maximize portability. Nowadays, audio books are accompanying people on long train rides and road trips; while relaxing in the bedroom; traveling on an airplane; or even washing the dishes.

Some people copy downloadable files to a digital music player. To enjoy an audio book on your iPod, it is required to first burn the file to a CD and then transfer it using iTunes. When burning an audio book to a CD, it is ready for listening on a typical hi-fi or car audio entertainment system. While at work, some individuals enjoy an audio book as they type away on their PC or laptop. A compatible cell phone also accommodates the pleasure of listening to your favorite audio book titles.