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How the sales of Apple iPods affected the rising sales of Apple PCs

Thursday, August 13th, 2009
kitty asked:

Deciphering the iPod effect. In the early 21st century Apple PCs were not faring well worldwide. During the first two quarters of iPod sales—in 2002—Apple’s PC sales made up approximately 2.23% of all PC sales worldwide. In  2003, Apple’s PC sales fell down below 2 percent for the first time in early 2000. On the other hand, something curious started to occur two years after iPods where first promoted on the global market. In 2004, Apple’s PC sales began to pick up—at least in the US in the regions that wholesale iPods appeared to be popular. Until 2005, 3 years after the promotion of the iPod, sales of Apple PCs almost doubled to 4% of all PC sales in the US.

Some speculate that the increase in Apple PC sales is in part due to the popularity of iPods; that a part of those who bought iPods where then turned onto the idea of having an Apple PC. However, during early 2000, buyers of PC sales rose, irrespective of PC sales. Was the iPod effect truly caused by turning PC loyalists onto Apple PCs or were Apple PC sales surging as a result of the strong performance of all computer sales?

Some argue that for many PC owners, purchasing an iPod constituted their first experience in to the world of Steve Jobs. Most studies conducted which tried to testify this fact did in fact find a correlation between first time iPod owners put up their interest in Apple products. One inquisition showed that iPod possessors with Windows PCs were over three times as likely to purchase a Mac.

In fact, after its introduction a little over five years ago, the iPod still controls the MP3/MP4 player market. Not only has Apple reinvented itself with the iPod, the domination of iTunes software, both for PC and Mac users, as a media player and music as well as multi-media purchasing and downloading software. In the first half of 2007, over 50 percent of Apple’s total revenue came from iPod sales and iTunes music downloads. Along with music videos and Podcasts, iTunes is changing the way that music is purchased as well as consumed—meanwhile, having a intensive effect on the music industry. By April 2007, it was already obvious that iPods where the best selling music player in the entire history of MP3 players as Steve Jobs.

Ipod - the Music Player for All

Saturday, August 1st, 2009
Roberto Sedycias asked:

iPods seem to be taking over the world. One sees them everywhere one goes, being used by adults and children alike. One sees them on the television and in the movies. It seems that people are going insane over them! It is actually not surprising that this little device is attracting such fanatical devotion; it is indeed a fantastic device; it might even be the coolest thing to show up ever!

The iPod is a pocket sized, ultra light hard drive based audio player, designed and marketed by Apple Computers. All the iPod models are user friendly in design, and can be used even by young children. They offer a simple user interface and a scroll wheel to browse the navigation system. Unlike the other portable cassette or CD players, the iPod stores media on in-built memory. What this means is that you do not need to insert a CD or cassette.

An iPod is practical, functional, and cute as well! There are three different sizes and shapes to choose from. There is the skinny little iPod shuffle; the slightly larger but even skinner nano, and the most popular regular iPod that can play all your favorite TV shows and favorite songs.

Some of the other Mp3 players available might have disadvantages if compared to the wonder of the iPod. It is not only a question of how many songs they can hold; the overall quality and the cute look of the little machines are truly matchless. They can hold thousands of songs and pictures, they are so tiny, and they come in such wonderful colors. The iPod mini came in green and pink and blue and other lovely colors. The nano and the iPod now come in white and black. All the colors are hot and look great.

What it has come down to is that when you want to go in for a new music player, you may consider to get an iPod. It will hold hundreds of songs; the battery life is great. You can play it for more than twenty hours before you need to charge it again.

When you buy the iPod, the iTunes software is included in it. This software uploads music and photos in the iPod and it has been likened to a jukebox. The function of this software is to play, store and organize all the music and video files on the iPod. With iTunes, you can connect to the iTunes Music Store and buy music files for playing on the iPod. Although iTunes has been developed by Apple, it will work with Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 operating systems. ITunes is also freely downloadable on the web.

Apple Corporation released the iPod in October, 2001. Since then, the iPod has become the biggest selling portable hard disk player. It has sold around twenty million units in 2001-2005. The way the iPod was initially marketed also contributed to its enormous popularity, with excellent ads playing the coolest tunes in the background.

The tiny size of the iPod is its biggest advantage, and you can take it with you wherever you go. This can have its problems, as the iPod is delicate, and the screen and case are prone to scratching, even during normal use. So now a huge market has opened up, offering cases for your iPod to protect it from damage so that you can take it literally anywhere. The cases have options for clips and straps, so your iPod need never leave your side, until you want to put it away yourself.

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A Brief Look at the iPod History and iPod’s iTunes Software

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009
Alex Rider asked:

Massively popular today, around 20 million iPod’s having been sold between the years of 2001-2005, the look, feel and functionality of this pocket-sized portable hard-drive based audio player continues to improve all the time.

The first release of the iPod by the Apple Corporation was back on the 23rd of October 2001. The initial idea that spawned this revolution in audio players came from someone by the name of Tony Fadell. Before proposing his concept to Apple, Phillips and RealNetworks had been informed yet declined the offer. Apple decided to hire Tony on an independent contractor basis, the iPod suddenly became a reality. The first model initially cost a whopping $400 in the US, far too much for most consumers. Additionally the computer support on offer was poor. Someone called Steve Jobs quickly noticed the lack of support and promised it would be improved on and available soon after the release date. The European market saw the iPod released one month later. US and European sales led to a large 125,000 iPods being sold in 2001. First generation iPods have had their various bugs found and then combated with all manner of updates from then on.

Setbacks were also experienced. Apple Corps who held the Beetles copyrights sued Apple on the grounds of previous iTunes Music Store agreements being infringed upon. It appeared that Apple Computers was only legally able to use the Apple name on items that were musically unrelated. This case was resolved by being settled out of court.

One million iPods had been moved around the world and sold by June 2003. Today it is the largest selling portable hard disk player. The marketing method of this product has played a massive part in the iPod’s success.

Alongside the physical product its self there has been the development of iTunes Software enabling the user to upload photos and music from the Apple site on the internet. iTunes has been called a jukebox since it stores, organizes and plays any of the iPod’s digital video or music files. Another feature is that connection through to the iTunes Music Store is possible, you can therefore look through all the current music, buy and then almost immediately after play whatever takes your fancy.

iTunes is able to work on not only the Mac OS X operating system, but also with Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 operating systems. Version 3 onwards of the iTunes software has become non-workable on Mac OS 9 and Windows 98 or ME. Downloadable for free on the internet, iTunes is installed onto the user’s computer initially, using a CD provided with the machine upon purchase (or links on websites). Once in place all that remains for you to do is connect up your iPod to that computer to enter the world of fast, easy and quality music listening.

iPod Video Sales: The Facts

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009
John Pawlett asked:

The sales of the new iPod video are surprisingly good, taking into account the fact that no research has been made for the customer market and their needs or requirements.

A possible disadvantage for the sales may be the fact that the negative advertising has been made. This negative advertising concerns the vulnerability of the screens, the easy scratching surfaces and other several features. However, the sales are up due to the great success among the teenagers, among very busy people who travel a lot.

Some researches show that instead of the iPod video success and publicity the Amazon online store the most popular iPod is the nano model. However, the sales are ahead expectations and in the case of other stores are outselling the popular iPod nano.

These high sales may be due to the high storage capacity, video features and reasonable prices. From this point of view, a selection of users may be made, as the nano edition iPod attracts more MP3 users. Therefore, a new trend and a new profile of user appeared taking into account the high sales for the new video iPod.

Another aspect of the great sales concerns the fact the new iPod video is not a competitor for the TV industry, but more a complementary device. Although the rating of some TV shows or films may lower, the iPod video may also contribute to the fame extend of some TV shows or films. The sales may be also triggered by the trendy urban lifestyle and capacity of influencing the preferences and needs of the others.

The fact that the episodes of the TV series such is the case of Lost or Desperate Housewives may have contributed to the great success and great sales of the new edition of the iPod.

Other sales were going up as they developed from the new edition of the iPod and this is the case of the iTunes Music Store. In this type of store you may buy episodes of the famous TV series, music videos and pictures. The parallel development of two complementary services the handheld video device and the special store for it - is a great achievement.

Besides, the iPod is the best selling music online store and it will probably be the best music video online store. The sales may also rise due to the new available TV series or TV shows of the famous TV Channels.

Taking into account the fact that the iPod is the best seller in the United States, being the most successful music player, it was easy to predict high sales for the new edition, even it is a video iPod.

The prices were lower as the lower-cost players were introduced on the market in the last years, but the nano edition has increased the prices. With the new iPod video the price has been pushed beyond the average selling price.

That is why the sales of 100 iPods every minute may seem not surprising at all and sales of 14 millions in the first quarter of the fiscal year 2006 are considered not bad at all for such a company. The sales for the iPod video may also rise together with the spreading worldwide of the popularity of this edition of iPod.

However, the iPod video doubles the Apple’s sales. The sales were made skyrocket due to the great success of the new iPod video outselling in some cases other types or editions of iPods.

Nevertheless, the maximized sales are due to the new video features, longer battery life, more options and more memory space enough for a lot of music, music videos, TV shows and episodes, and even lots of photos for the photo album.

These features and improvements make the new iPod video so popular and fashionable. These aspects and others (games, possibility of checking the e-mail, possibility of finding out the time in other cities and other useful features) suit very well the contemporary lifestyle.

Ipod - a Music Device of 21st Century

Sunday, June 7th, 2009
Roberto Sedycias asked:

In 2001, Apple Inc. launched portable media players of 21st century with a brand of iPod. The new range of iPod presents iPod classic which is hard drive based, iPod touch with a touch screen, iPod nano with video display and screenless iPod shuffle. Apart from them, the classic range of iPod includes iPod mini and iPod photo.

These digital music players can be used as external data storage devices but their capacities vary for each model. Music is transferred to the device with the help of iTunes software by Apple Inc. One can store music collection, and also play, tingle or split music from a CD with this software. In addition to that, photos, games, videos and calendars can also be transferred to the iPods that support such features. Apple`s iPods are easy to use.

iPod has created a history by selling 110 million units worldwide since September 2007. Apple`s CEO, Steve Jobs, decided to develop portable music device which is easy to use. He collected his team of hardware and software engineers and launched the product on October 23, 2001. This digital device used to have 5GB hard drive with a capacity to store at least 1000 songs. Apple took Portal Player`s and Pixo`s support to develop this product. Later Apple continued to develop refined versions of iPod.

iPods have the ability to display many audio file formats like MP3, Protected AAC, Audible audiobook, etc. whereas, file formats like JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIFF and PNG can be viewed with iPod photo. Similarly, upgraded versions of iPods can play the most advanced file formats. Though Apple doesn`t support Microsoft WMA format, but a converter for Window`s version of iTunes is provided for the same. When an iPod is associated with a computer, music libraries or playlists are synchronized manually or automatically with iTunes. 5G iPods come with click wheel to control the volume and 5 buttons which are used to play, stop, and go to next track, etc.

In order to provide songs for iPods, Apple launched an iTunes Store which can be accessed through iTunes. Rate per song varies from country to country. Buyer can purchase as many songs as he wants and enjoy the protected content. This Store became extremely successful immediately after its launch and then Apple made videos also available for sale in 2006. The purchased songs were downloaded with added encryption of AAC format as FairPlay DRM system. Later, DRM was made free in order to cease the manufacturing of pirated CDs.

In 2007, Apple reduced its rates for iTunes Plus songs and also of DRM coded tracks. Since iPod doesn`t play songs from its rival DRM technologies, it has bounded it`s user to iTunes Store only. With this Apple made limited profit, but later it enables to play music from online stores like eMusic or Amie Street. In 2007, Apple launched iTunes WiFi Music Store that enables a user to download songs from his iPhone or iPod. The downloaded media from iTunes Stores is transferred from iPods to computer with the help of software called iTunes 7 or above.

The sound quality on iPod can be enhanced with the equalizer, but one should keep in mind that high volume can cause bass distortion. The use of hardware in iPods like microcontroller, batteries, Audio chips etc. exclusively depend on the version of iPods. Upgraded iPods are available with more advanced technology. These days lots of accessories are marketed for iPods not only by Apple but also by other parties too. These accessories may enable a user to have FM radio tuners, wired remote controls etc.

iPods have marked their importance in the field of Education also, as it enables the user to download information, lesson plans etc. Apple is continuously working to bring upgrade versions of iPods.