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Saturday, November 28th, 2009
kitty asked:

One thing is for certain about the latest iPod shuffle: it is certainly the most space conservation Apple iPod yet. This MP3 player is exactly 1.8 longand 0.3 in thicknes. As of yet the Apple shuffle is the world’s smallest device of music. In order to make the Apple shuffle the smallest iPod yet, Apple has seriously changed the look and functionality of the shuffle by moving the guiding key and volume buttons onto the earbud chord. The position of the keys are smartly placed for quick and convenient access without the need to watch the screen to locate the controls. The fact that the iPod shuffle ships or can be purchased with 4 gigs of room you can store up to one thousand songs, not to mention room for multiple playlistsas well.

The new iPod shuffle is as stylish as before. The body is made from a durable anodized aluminum casing and the clips the device onto anything from a shirt collar to a tie. In fact, the iPod shuffle resembles a tie clip! It appears in a mostly matte silver or black.The most innovative selling point about this device is the new VoiceOver trait of the iPod shuffle. Apple unveils this as the surprising new feature that makes iPod shuffle the number one “speaking” MP3 player. Not being required to navigate through the playlists by watching the screen, the shuffle speaks the name of the song and artist that is currently playing when the user presses a button. The VoiceOver character does not interrupt the music that is broadcasting when it announces the detail that indentifies with the music.

The iPod shuffle is synchronized with iTunes, the iTunes software reads all the information belonging to the songs that you want to synchronized with the iPod shuffle. Then the VoiceOver kit creates the notices for the songs, artists, and playlists on the iPod shuffle. The VoiceOver feature has 14 languages and therefore has the ability to speak music and singers’s names in multiple languages. The voice of the speaker on the iPod shuffle is various based on the type of computer system when sync the iPod shuffle. If you sync your iPod shuffle with a personal computer or with a Apple PC running Mac OS X Tiger, you’ll hear the English lauguage included

Would You Use Meat Loaf in Your Targeted Small Business Marketing

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009
Paul Flood asked:

Copyright (c) 2008 Paul Flood Marketing, LLC

Entrepreneurs know the importance of a targeted small business marketing strategy. Many make the mistake of doing what big advertisers do. Rock icon Meat Loaf is in a great commercial but the product and company selling it are easily forgotten. Learn a lesson on how not to advertise

Remember Meat Loaf (born Michael Lee Aday)? His album Bat Out of Hell, released in 1977, has sold nearly 40,000,000 copies and was on the charts for over 9 years. He is also featured in a new commercial that is running pretty frequently on TV.

The ad features Meat Loaf as a dad whose son is begging him to get him a cell phone. He’s singing about how he won’t run up the minutes. Personally, I am a fan of Meat Loaf and I like the commercial. He includes some lyrics and riffs from Paradise by the Dashboard Light, which I’ve always thought was a cool tune.

The other afternoon, I heard the commercial and started singing the tune in my head and realized I had seen the commercial several times and could not think of the company or brand of the phone! Now, I’m thinking this was a fairly expensive production because in addition to Meat Loaf, Tiffany is in the commercial and they are probably fairly expensive talent to hire.

After all of this expense, I couldn’t relate a brand or a product to the commercial! I kept an eye out for the next airing and saw it was for the AT&T GoPhone. Think of all the money spent on the ad. They did a lot of things right like using celebrity endorsements, a good tune and an entertaining spot. But it really made me wonder, why couldn’t I think of the company or the product?

What could you do differently if were considering a similar TV ad as one of your primary small business marketing tools ? For one thing, a bit more focus on the product instead of the production. You could easily think of special offers that would give prospects a reason to buy soon. I’ll bet a contest to have dinner with Meat Loaf or win a free “Bat Out of Hell” concert DVD would attract buyers. You would have a tracking mechanism to see how many inquiries and sales were generated. What if they had a toll free number, 1-800-MeatLoaf, to call and get a special offer and find out how to download the song to iTunes or even a ring-tone? The marketing folks could track response and the ROI on the ad. What if there were a contest to be in a commercial with Meat Loaf?

But instead, the focus was all on creativity and entertainment. I’ll bet the ad will even win an award but I still think ads should be written to sell the product now, not build a brand or win awards. My guess is that you can’t afford Meat Loaf in your ads but remember, when you do advertise, it’s about making money, not building your brand. Brands don’t put food on the table, sales do. When you spend money on marketing, either do it yourself of find a professional whose goal is to increase your profits and is willing to guarantee results, not just earn a commission.

The commercial may not be on TV too long but you can catch it on Search for Meat Loaf AT&T. This version is a 90 second commercial that does a better job of naming the product than the spot on TV but it still could have soooo much more potential as a source of REVENUE instead of a brand. When you think about branding as a strategy, ask yourself if you want to get your name out there or sell as much of you product or service as possible and build a strong and loyal customer list as quickly as possible.

For the small business marketing tools to add to your toolbox, go ahead and think about branding. However, your brand needs to be strong and you should strengthen it with incredible products and service or with your Unique Selling Proposition. Build your brand using marketing that creates prospects and leads. It is just as expensive to get your name out there with a compelling offer and reason for a client to buy from you now as it is to just get your name out there. The difference is the ROI. The Meat Loaf commercial offers no way to measure the ROI and small businesses can’t afford to throw scarce marketing dollars up against the wall and guess at the ROI.

Here is a powerful small business marketing tip when it comes to a brand-building strategy: If your financial planner came to you with an idea to spend $10,000 on marketing as an investment, you’d think, “What will my return be?because she is a trusted advisor. Use the same standards with your marketing, advertising and media reps. Ask the question: “What is my projected return and how does it compare to other marketing investments?When the rep tells you the value of impressions, ask for some statistics from other advertisers regarding the ROI of the ads and spots they are running?

After you watch the YouTube video, see if you can help me out. Why is Tiffany holding a leg of lamb when she enters the commercial set? Maybe there is some reference I don’t remember from Meat Loaf’s earlier days. He was quite a theatrical talent!

Podcasting; It’s not Just for Ipods Anymore

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009
LifeCapture Interactive asked:


What is Podcasting?



Podcasting is broadcasting on iPods or other MP3 Players. Created by ex MTV host Adam Curry, Podcasting is a new method of communication for the internet - unfortunately, it’s still limited to your PC. But thanks to companies like Apple, creator of the iPod, podcasts can be downloaded to your personal media device and accessed at anytime. Your trusty mp3 player can become a true audiovisual media player - this handy companion is not just for music anymore.



Apple is developing iPods that can play videos, handle live streaming, make phone calls, etc. Popular television shows such as “Lost,” and “Desperate Housewives,” are main attractions. Motion picture editors are busy transforming hour long stories into six minute formatted ‘vcasts’ to be played on your iPod. This raises some alarming questions about the future of television programming - perhaps it will become as short as the average viewer’s attention span?



However, will people enjoy watching their favorite television show on a 2.5inch screen? IPod itself is continuously going through changes. The original model had the capacity to save three thousand songs, yet the current versions hold over a thousand. Please note that in order to listen to podcasts you do not need an Apple iPod. Any personal media device will probably meet the requirements, even your regular PC.



Retreiving Podcasts



Podcasting relies on RSS feeds (really simple syndication) technology. RSS is a family of XML file formats used for Web syndication. The RSS feed was chosen by Apple because it can handle multimedia attachments and facilitate content description, search and syndication.



The podshow itself is contained in an XML file. To retrieve this information it is necessary to have podcaster software. The purpose of this software is to constantly monitor the subscribed podshows and update them automatically. This reinforces the easy nature of the podcast - once you log on to your computer your favorite casts are ready. Simply add them to your media player and go, or listen there on your computer.



Podcaster software was initially made and sold by independent companies and offered as ‘standalone code’ compatible with the majority of media players. In June 2005 Apple jumped on the bandwagon and released itunes 4.9 which supplied native podcasting support.



There are currently several different ways to search for content on the internet, from keywords to sites that will provide a rating system. Unfortunately, even with all of these developments providers have not yet created a system of recommendation. Audience members have to subscribe to podcasts - an ‘intelligent sorting’ and registration system must be just around the corner. Voice search is another tool being developed; an intelligent search engine scans vocal tracks for more accurate data.



iTunes 4.9 is designed with the iPod in mind and is supported by Apple computers. Currently all new Macintosh computers come with it standard, but if you have an older model you can go to



iTunes software is not exclusive to Apple or iPods; anyone with a window’s media player can take advantage of this free technology. It’s very user friendly; all podcasts are offered for free. To register for podcasts you can simply refer to the sidebar menu and click on podcasts. There you will find an extensive content list supported by iTunes.



Other available resources for retrieving RSS feeds are:


  this website supports feeds from Forbes to Rolling Stone and everything in between. It currently uses Feed Station as their retrieval software, and the software is available for free when you register with

Newsgator is convenient and is currently supported by various websites that have a podcast or blog. Just register for the feeds found on Newsgator supported sites. Are you already a yahoo email user? If so you might already be familiar with the process of adding a podcast to your personal content. If not then let me assure you it is quite simple. Go to My Yahoo and click ‘add content’. Then choose ‘multimedia’. Then it’s just as simple as clicking and adding what interests you most. Much like Newsgator, My Yahoo is supported by various independent blog or podcasters. does not currently support podcasts, but you can register for automatic updates on blogs with eNewsBlog, as well as create your own. To add a blog from a supporting site click the eNewsBlog tab shown on the corresponding blog site.





The above are not necessarily the best examples, but are the very commonly found on podcasting and blog supporting sites.



A Top 10 list of podcasts as voted by visitors can be found at



Creating your own Podcast



After you have experienced a podcast you may wish to compose your own. Unless you are particularly handy, this isn’t easy. You will require the following equipment and software:





Head phones



A microphone



A computer



A program that records audio i.e. Window’s Media Player, or a more advanced program such as ePodcast Creator. A more affordable alternative to ePodcast Creator would be Audacity 1.2.3, which is available for free download at,, importantly it is both PC and Mac compatible.

It’s important to consider the quality of the recording; no one wants to hear any distortion these days - so try to keep unwanted background noise to a minimum.



A website to which you may upload the podcast



An RSS feed. To make finished content available to large audiences you must publish it on podcast supporting networks like itunes. But first you have to create an RSS feed.



There are two ways of doing this Manually using,, or Download the software from places like FeedForAll at Although the later option is easier, be aware that the software from FeedForAll is not free.



Lastly you need to keep in mind the following:

Bandwidth costs money; this cost is dependant on such factors as audience and file size. Once your podcast takes off you may notice that the cost of bandwidth increases proportionally with audience size - like most Producers you will almost certainly have very little control over how many downloads your media receives.

Also, it is almost impossible to “know” your audience. Some hosting providers will give you a log of audience members, but they are far too complex for the average Joe to understand. This makes it hard to direct your content to the audience, some more successful podcasters employ professionals to translate the information, but this of course increases costs.



These are just the basics. For those already familiar with digital recording you will digest this information much easier then to those who are starting from the beginning. Unfortunately because it is still a fairly new technology it doesn’t get any easier… yet.



Once you’ve played with the software, and have a basic idea of how to be creative in this medium, you can start thinking about crafting your own successful podcast.





Choose a topic that you know a lot about, it’s always better if your topic is 100% original because there’s no competition. If your material is not unique than spend time now thinking about fresh angles, hooks and gimmicks to make it stand out in the crowd!



Who is your target market? What age demographic do you most want to reach? Is the show directed towards a particular ethnic group or ***? All of these questions need answers, because all of your content should be aimed at a specific market to ensure ***********.



When the first episode goes to air it needs to make an impact! Tom Green performed stupid gags on people he knew on a local cable TV station - and it exploded all over the world. He didn’t have fancy graphics or advanced equipment, he was himself, and it worked.

There is an evolving ‘Show Format’ which has grown from a standard radio template into something sleeker and more dynamic. Where once a musical intro would fade to allow an announcer’s voice… Now it’s content, content, content, and the music often swells into composite synthesis that’s equally informative and way more entertaining.

Keep in mind that only 10% of the music content should be slow songs and or new artists, unless that’s central to the premise of the show.



Jump into it! Have your content organized and ready to go. Avoid wordy scripts that sound rehearsed. Write what you want to address in point form, in large type, either on paper or on your computer and ‘just do it’. Topics should be well researched; narrators must appear well informed or will lose audience interest.



If you plan to do interviews on your show, it’s important to keep questions short and to the point. Sometime the question can get lost or bogged down by excess wording and the guest may become confused and not answer or answer incorrectly. The question should be straight forward and simply worded.



Start small, keep it short, and broadcast only once a week. If your audience grows you may increase content accordingly. But the schedule should remain fixed and easy for an audience to follow.



Marketing and promoting your podcasts



Affiliate Marketing is a great resource for beginners. Visit websites that have content that relates to the format of your show, or local business looking to increase traffic, i.e. Lets say you creating a program entitled “Cooking with Stacey,” assume also there is a popular local butcher from whom you buy meat. If he (or she) has a website you may approach the butcher and offer to advertise your cooking show on his site. In turn you’ll be sure to mention the great cut of meat you found at Vinny’s for the show, etc.



When you’ve created your own podcast and made it available to the world, you need to tell everyone about it and drive an audience to listen.



Marketing maximizes audience potential. With podcasting there’s always the possibility of generating revenue, but only if people are aware of, and or interested in, your show. Successful podcasters understand the importance of creating awareness. If the work doesn’t shine in a crowded marketplace, the product is invisible in the medium.



So now you’re a lone podcaster with what could be a popular show… Now you’re wondering how to make enough profit to cover the cost of production. On my travels I’ve found some information on the various ways to gain revenue from podshows.



Micropayement- this is equivalent to asking for a fee in return for each presentation. Although it’s straight forward enough, it’s not the most reliable method. Think about it, why would someone pay for something they can get for free somewhere else? There are two versions of Micropayment employed in the marketplace today.





Pay-per view: think of movies on demand on your television via cable



Monthly Subscription: like your electric bill





Google Adsense Ads - their payment method is based on the amount of traffic your podcast generates.



Income Stream - often considered the most profitable, Producers sell a portion of their podcast to a recognized sponsor. Advertising is inside the show. The advertisers can pay a fee on monthly bases which is determined by your audience size. The problem with this is that most audiences perceive this as a shameful sell out.



Because the internet is open to piracy, in order to ensure that your show is not floating around free for anyone to access without a fee, providers need a form of security to protect their work. Systems such as ticket-master and online music stores have used verification images to authenticate downloads - and these have proven quite effective.



Benefits of using Podcasting for your Marketing Campaign



Podcasting is an ideal medium for PR and advertising to young audiences. As yet it’s barely regulated and rules regarding its broadcast generally center on copyright issues - profanity and sexuality are ****.



This is why podcasting is the medium of choice for companies such as Durex condoms - they are able to reach their target market and not be censored. When Durex first used podcasting as an advertising medium they increased their website traffic three fold by advertising on the “Dawn and Drew Show,” alone.



Another benefit of podcasting is an inherent ability to measure your investor’s return on investment (ROI). The ROI can be determined by analyzing sales performance in reference to the amount of the listeners visiting the website.



It has been proven that advertising on television or the radio has not had the same influence it has in the past. Not only are people becoming blind to the messages, but it is hard to motivate people from non-action to action. When people are vegging out on the couch watching the tube, the chances that they are going to jump up and go to your website because of a TV ad, is less likely than if they are already on the internet, then it is only a matter of click, click and the consumer is surfing your website.



The benefits of using Podcasting for your PR campaign are multi-dimensional. All available content including newspaper and magazine articles, press releases, news stories, and existing marketing media can all be translated into podcasts and be organized and distributed to users all over the internet. Every client should have news resources online that embody all PR and stories in a search engine ready website. Remember that having a brand ‘personality’ is the secret of secrets to success in audio and video entertainment and podcasting is no different; people must want to listen. Successful podcasters fill a need for information and turn promotion vehicles into stories shaped to fascinate audiences with shorter attention spans.



No podcast is complete without a text blog detailing the subject. Attack both mediums so search engines will have more data to sift and generate more favorable results.



There are many free flow information pathways for PR gurus. Innovative media pioneers take advantage of new technology when relaying their client messages - podcasting is just one of them. Remember, newswires, blog sites, chat rooms, discussion boards, viral / buzz promotions can now be easily converted to podcasts.



Sharing media lowers advertising costs and increases its effect. Peer to Peer distribution is a concept made familiar by Napster. Individuals share various files through the use of specific software. In the recent past it’s been p2p efforts pirating music. But this is still a valid process you may employ in your own effort to distribute your podcast. In order for it to work properly, both audience and producers need to embrace p2p sharing. Audience members need to have p2p software and have bandwidth to contribute to increase the efficiency of the network.



Is there a downside to P2P networks? Firewalls, slow connections and audience members who turn off their computers reduce its efficiency. Also there needs to be an incentive to make subscribers want to participate. Because a regular network takes fewer steps, many users prefer other, more simple means…



But right now let’s say that podshow audience members embrace your new p2p network, all your affiliated podshow producers will need to ensure that they to are p2p compatible and have the software to support the upload. If producers make the transfer easy enough to understand, more audience members will use it. This leads to cheaper bandwidth costs.



A fresh medium



Podcasting is a fresh medium. There has not yet been a comprehensive marketing plan developed to guarantee positive results with advertising in podcasts. Because the medium is still in its infancy, many advertisers are unsure of how to maximize its potential - pioneers are still experimenting.



More progressive marketers are researching information / entertainment hybrids or what they call ‘focused programming’ that will let them distribute a compelling message through traditional podcast channels. Podcasting’s challenge is similar to video-on-demand’s own situation - What does a brand have to say to consumers on an ongoing basis beyond a buy-me-now message? Brand as content producer is a trend that’s not likely to abate any time soon.



You can view podcasting’s role in two ways: advertising to an early-adopter audience and developing marketer-created podcasts to deepen customer or prospect relationships on your sites. A great example of this is “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” podcasts ( of HipTips and previously aired episodes. This is interesting on many levels, as it allows the network to deepen the relationship between the audience and the characters, and it’s a nearly cost-free way to build audience share between episodes.



Many networks sell advertising on their own sites. By providing an additional reason for people to visit sites, they can increase traffic and maximize revenues. For more on the above article go to:



In the recent past many marketers have turned to email as a way to appeal to consumers. This form of marketing is quickly losing its success rating as consumers grow more and more intolerant of SPAM. Pheedo reports that by integrating online advertising into an RSS feed, a new online advertising technique, it has achieved measurably better results than e-mail for its client.



The online campaign for a free IT evaluation was conducted through specialist publication, which could offer direct access to IT professionals.



Pheedo said the six-week effort outperformed the best click through rate in email by over 26% as compared to the industry average of 8.7% CTR reported in DoubleClick’s Q4 2004 Email Trend Report. Furthermore, they were able to lower the effective CPM by three times of that over email, saving its client thousands of dollars.



Pheedo’s client realized its ailing email marketing campaign was in part due to e-mail’s unpleasant user experience. One benefit of placing ads in RSS feeds is you’re not competing in an overcrowded, SPAM and virus filled email inbox. In addition, marketing messages are increasingly becoming victims of email filters or the delete button.



RSS advertisements have many advantages over emails short comings. RSS is 100% opt-in. It has a 100% delivery rate, and when delivered to a two-pane news aggregator, the feed has a 100% open rate.



Steps taken to ensure positive results:





Identify those feeds read by the IT professionals that met its client’s target market requirements.



Understand the intricacies of the fairly cluttered environment of content aggregators to ensure the ads display correctly, or appear with relevant content.



Pheedo specifically developed technology to track RSS feeds for the purpose of advertising.





Podcasts are powerful weapons that can maximize brand exposure, but keeping track of your success is important. Currently there are a variety of ways to monitor relevant audience information - numbers, satisfaction levels and even minute by minute preferences. is one of the more popular publisher services available. It helps monitor your feed, track circulation and implement revenue generating programs. Currently there are approximately 90,000 publishers taking advantage of Feedburner’s services. is another resource out there helping Podcasters maximize potential. Syndicate IQ helps users monitor their RSS.



Although podcasting is proving to be a promising new marketing tool, its shortcomings include the inability to target specific audiences.





“RSS publishing still faces many hurdles: measuring traffic (on a subscriber level) is nearly impossible to do, which will relegate RSS to a broadcast marketing tool in the near term.”



“RSS is not well suited to promotional-offer-oriented content because it does not offer the targeting and personalization capabilities of e-mail.





Looking for more resources?



For a free consultation on Podcasting and other e-marketing services for your company, contact LCI at 416-408-4669,, or visit us at





Gotta be Somebody Ringtone | Nickelback ~ Gotta be Somebody Ringtone

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009
Daniel Sitar asked:

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Gotta Be Somebody is the first official single to be released from Nickelback’s sixth studio album, Dark Horse. It was available on September 29 for free download for 24 hours only on participating radio station websites and the band’s website, after which it was released to all digital markets for paid digital download on September 30th. The song has already reached #1 on iTunes Rock Chart and #4 on the overall top selling songs chart. Gotta Be Somebody is expected to debut on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart next week.

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The Gotta Be Somebody Ringtone by Nickelback is currently one of the hottest ringtones in the world. If you want to get a new ringtone for your cell phone, the Gotta Be Somebody ringtone by Nickelback is the perfect choice. The Gotta Be Somebody music video is one of the most popular videos on MTV and YouTube and the single continues to perform well on music charts all over the world due to frequent radio play and high iTunes downloads. To get the Gotta Be Somebody Ringtone, simply click on the link below and sign up by following the instructions on the next page. You will be able to instantly download the Gotta Be Somebody Ringtone by Nickelback. You will also receive 10 bonus ringtones of your choice just for signing up. Click on the link below to get the Gotta Be Somebody Ringtone by Nickelback now:

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Mp3 Players: Hear the Difference

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009
Karl Bantleman asked:

MP3 players are portable media players to listen to your favourite music, store video files and images. Without question the most famous one is the Apple iPod but other brands are catching up quickly with the technology and features.

The development started with portable cassette players followed by CD players and finally Mini Disc players. However, the devices were not able to store music in digital files and relied on external storage drives. As they were much bigger than today’s MP3 players and had a limited functionality their use wasn’t as handy and the audio quality often suffered from movements. Consequently, portable audio devices were not best for outside activities, running and exercising in those days.

This all changed in 2001 when Apple released the first iPod with 5GB storage for more than 1000 songs in the new mp3 format. Supported by iTunes and thanks to the small size and huge storage capacity, the iPod is still the most popular MP3 player on the market. According to recent surveys it is not only the best selling MP3 player but also has almost no substitute product.

Today, the Apple product range comprises the iPod classic, iPod nano, iPod shuffle and the latest iPod touch as well as the iPhone. These small portable MP3 players can play audio files like mp3 and others but also display images and play videos. Recent models also support the new MPEG-4 format.

In a nutshell, the Apple iPod provides an all-around solution for portable audio. The Apple software iTunes can be regarded as the most popular programme for organising and storing music and other audio and video files. Whereas it was previously only available for Apple computers like the Mac, it can now be downloaded by everyone. It offers the user the benefit of automatically updating the iPod as soon as it is connected to the computer. This makes it easier to organise the music library and saves a lot of time, too.

Even though other manufacturers like Sony and Samsung try to gain some market share, the iPod is still the outstanding market leader due to Apple’s innovation focus this is unlikely to change in the near future.

MP3 players are becoming increasingly popular as many are seeing the advantage of having a MP3 player that fits perfectly in your pocket with all your favourite songs on. With the iPod and many more available, shop online to find the best deals.


Ipods as the Latest Style Statement

Monday, November 23rd, 2009
Roberto Sedycias asked:

Ipods are a type of portable media player, which was launched in October 2001 by Apple Corporation, and since then it has become one of the most successful consumer electronic products. It is one of the best small electronic gadgets designed in a long time and the best selling MP3/MP4 player in the market today. The unique advantage of the Ipods lies in its tremendous sound quality, ultra sleek and compact design and user-friendly interface, which has made it a big hit.

With its first release in October 2001, there has been a continuous improvement in Ipod technology. They started with an MP3 player having mechanical scroll wheel and four buttons, upgraded to touch sensitive wheels with options of 10 GB and 20 GB hard disks for media storage. Further these devices were upgraded with touch sensitive bottoms and also provided with USB connectivity to enable downloads from internet using computer. Later on more storage capacity option was added with a 20 GB and 40 GB hard disk option and a click wheel. Now the latest models are coming with video capability MP4 players and 60 GB memory storage capacity.

Ipods are engineered and designed in the most innovative fashion to give them a cool look. Youngsters and people with active lifestyle prefer them to be the part of their essential accessories. Since they easily fit into your pocket or palm of your hand, you can carry them wherever you go. Ipods are fitted with removable lithium rechargeable batteries, which can run for about 8 to 20 hours before requiring a recharge.

There are so many types and styles of Ipods available. One can choose from a wide range depending upon their budget and usage. The least priced model is the Ipod shuffle. It is perhaps the smallest MP3 player available in the market. With its most compact size of about one and a half inch and sleek design it can easily be clipped on to your collar, sleeves or can be worn as a badge. It can store up to 240 songs and is priced very competitively at around $80. However, it doesn`t have features of organizing songs in sequence and the songs are randomly picked and played by the device.

A better and improved version is the Ipod nano, which can store up to about 2000 songs and comes with a storage capacity ranging from 2 GB to 8 GB. It has a super slim design and its thin lithium batteries can play music for about 24 hours before needing a recharge. These Ipods are most convenient for journeys and are priced at about $150. Then there are many high priced versions with storage capacity of about 80 GBs, which can store about 20000 songs, 25000 photos and about 100 hours of video. They are priced as high as about $350.

There are so many internet sites now offering downloads for Ipods. There are some free sites as well as sites charging some membership fee to enable you to download videos and songs and even games to your music player. iTunes is one such website offering varieties of downloads for Ipods. In order to get most out of your Ipod, you must take care to update the latest software in it with the help of internet or the Ipod vendor. You must keep it turned off when not using it. Turning off the equalizer and the back lighting will save its battery power and enhance battery life. You should always try to load compressed songs in compact audio format in order to minimize space usage.

Ipods are becoming a fashion statement for today`s youngsters and its popularity is increasing day by day all over the world.

Several Popular Technology Related Product Reviews

Monday, November 23rd, 2009
Daniel Millions asked:

What do cell phones, mp3 players and “as seen on TV” products all have in common? The answer, they are all products that stay on the cutting edge of technology. The fact that a footwear company and a computer manufacturer would team up together is astonishing. Nike and Apple joined forces together in 2006 to create the Apple+Nike shoe. This shoe fused Nike’s design technology with Apple’s innovative iPod. A Nano is contained in the shoes sole. With Apple selling over one million iPhones and over 3 billion songs on iTunes, you can see how Apple is leading the pack in developing technologically advance products. This is only a portion of what they have going on in the field of technology.

Blu Ray Technology

The blu-ray was developed by several consumer electronics groups including Apple, Hitachi, HP, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Samsung, and Thomson. There has to be a union amongst companies before new products can be made. Each company stands to make money from the various components that often compliment technology products. Blu Ray disk would be useless to produce without a compatible television that could deliver the quality that blu ray offers. Panasonic is now turning out blu ray recorders in addition to its plasma televisions.

Camera Phone Technology

Cameras technology has advanced past a professional level where consumers can produce the same traditional picture quality as photo studios. The Nikon D90 prosumer DSLR camera for instance can create stunning still pictures in addition to High Definition (HD) video. Nokia’s N85 Mobile Phone includes games, music, gps and a camera. Samsung’s G810 camera phone technology features wifi, gps and TV output settings. The i8510 by Samsung is a prime example of several technologies being incorporated into phones. According to Samsung’s Electronics sales and marketing assistant manager Philippe El Nakour, The Samsung Innov8 uses the latest in imaging applications, such as smile shot, blink shot, and face recognition.

Video Game Systems

Out of all of the video game systems on the market, Nintendo’s Wii is by far the most compact in size. This compact video game console with its Wi-Fi Connection allows users from around the world to compete against each other. Other features include two slots for memory cards and a 20GB hard drive on basic models. With the introduction of the Xbox 360 to the market, players were introduced to quite a few unique features with this console.

There is a marketplace were games and other entertainment content can be purchased. The technology that drives this generation of gaming systems is the online capabilities. They blend the standard game play with all of the latest computer technology has to offer. Cd and DVD play along with video games and USB 2.0 ports make this system a hot item. Sony’s PlayStation 3 incorporates the same blu ray technology mentioned above in its disc formatting. The PS3 was the first console on the market to offer a 2x speed Blu-ray Disc drive. In less than two years on the market, the PS3 has established itself as one of the best selling consoles out.

Whether it is blu ray, camera phones or video game systems, technology driven products are readily available to consumers at low rates. In fact, technology and knowledge are growing so rapidly that the market price quickly drops soon after they are released.

What the New iPod Video Can Do for You

Monday, November 23rd, 2009
Jeremiah Slivka asked:

The capabilities of the new iPod video continue the developing process of the old capabilities - software, hardware and compatibility with other devices.

Concerning the software, it is well-known that the iPod in general and the iPod video in particular play MP3, audible audio book, WAV, M4A/AAC, protected AAC, AIFF and Apple Lossless audio file formats. Since the 5th generation iPods there is another possibility of playing m4v and mp4 MPEG-4 video file formats. Only non copy-protected WMA files may be copied to an iPod. Other formats are not possible to be played by the iPod and this is the case of FLAC and Ogg Vorbis formats.

Besides, the iPods are especially designed for matching the iTunes media library software. This online music store appeared in 2003 and it sells songs and it was thought exclusively for the iPod users and not for other portable music players. This may have contributed to the success both the iPods and the iTunes music store and to the great development and improvements of the iPod’s capabilities.

The software of the new iPod video has new features - personalized recommendations and video content that can be played on a Pc or transferred to the iPod. The software was upgraded to Version 6, fact that represents a development and a distinct achievement.

Concerning the hardware of the iPods one may say that the first generation iPods were recharged only through FireWire with the help of a small power adapter. The 4th generation iPods may have been charged over USB. The 5th generation iPod may be charged with the help of a dock connector allowing the FireWire cable to be plugged in for the recharge.

Compatibility of the iPods with Windows is the idea of Apple, realized in 2002, fact that contributed to the creation of a Windows version of iTunes in 2003. The iPods could be made to be compatible with a Macintosh and there is also an iPodLinux project.

Some additional features may be mentioned while speaking about the iPods in general and iPod video in particular. The iPods can display text files, fact which is very useful. There are also PDA calendars, some games that were interesting several years ago but they seem outdated nowadays. The games available on almost every iPod except the iPod shuffle are brick, parachute, solitaire, music quiz. The most interesting game is the music quiz, playing some fragments of some songs and waiting the user to identify the song from a list. The disadvantage of this game is that it uses a lot of battery power.

All these capabilities seem to be improved in the case of the new iPod video except the creation of other games or the introduction of new ones. This may be seen as a disadvantage, but if taking into account the fact that it is a case of a portable music player this aspect does not have such a great importance.

The innovation is of course the video capability, although the main features of the new iPod stress on great improvements in the image and sound quality. The video image is surprisingly smooth and in this way may replace the skeptical attitudes with joyful exclamations.

Although it is not the first attempt of bringing video on a portable handheld device, this achievement seems to be the most successful. This success is due to a lot of required work and complicated changes in the software and hardware as well. In a way or another, Apple seems to be the champion in creating special portable devices and maybe some other steps will be taken in the development of the small video portable devices. In this way, maybe a special compatibility with more devices may be developed, ensuring other periods of great success. Other online stores may appear and develop in the tradition of the iTunes music store. Due to iPods from the Apple Company legal content of the downloaded and paid music or TV shows, episodes or other materials is ensured.

Best Cell Phone Ring Tones

Sunday, November 22nd, 2009
Eric Morgan asked:

Forget the days of hearing that generic cell phone ring that made you anxiously reach into your purse and fumble for your phone. In today’s age of individualization, no one has reason to suffer through homogenous rings with the abundant supply of websites and providers that offer ringtones that can personalize your otherwise ordinary cell phone. Have a song that you love to listen to? Hop online and search for that specific tune and chances are you’ll find a ringtone to go with it. Then, customize the ringtone to play only the part you want to hear when friends call - or, assign a specific ringtone to one particular person. The options are endless.

There are only a few criteria to consider when choosing what website to download ringtones from. First, be sure that your cell phone is compatible with the ringtone you’ve chosen. Verizon users, for example, can be assured that any tune downloaded from Verizon’s website will work with their phone. If you’re considering using any other website or service, be sure to check and see that your phone will be capable of receiving and playing your ringtone. Secondly, be sure that sound quality is acceptable. Most websites will allow you to preview a ringtone before making a purchase. Thirdly, make sure that you understand how and when you will be charged for your purchase. Most major service providers will add any ringtone purchases to your next month’s bill. Once you have these three bases covered, hop online and get ready to jazz up your cell phone!


SouthernLINC Wireless offers a broad range of ringtones, wallpapers, calltones and applications. Many users will find that in order to download much of the offered content, they will need to perform a software upgrade on their phones; this is easily accomplished by visiting Motorola’s website and installing the necessary upgrades for the relevant model phone. Like other providers, SouthernLINC allows subscribers to choose from excerpted music, polyphonic rings, celebrity voices and unique sounds for ringtones. Ringtones cost $1.99 for the one-time download fee and are yours to keep for an unlimited amount of time. For phones that are capable of supporting digital content, SouthernLINC offers a plethora of applications that are unique amongst its competitors. Users can choose from financial solutions content, navigation and direction software, sports & entertainment platforms, and news & weather sources, just to name a few. Browsing for content for your specific phone model is easy with SouthernLINC’s handy filter feature. Customers can access all available downloads by visiting the “Browser Apps” function on a mobile device or on SouthernLINC’s website. Cell phone subscribers will appreciate SouthernLINC’s user-friendly purchasing process. When you are ready to buy a ringtone, application, or game, you can preview your purchase, click the “go” button, enter your phone number and you’re finished. Within a few minutes, you’ll receive a text message with a link to the tone or application and directions for installing it onto your phone.


Similar to SouthernLINC, Sprint Mobile also offers a variety of personalized ringtones (called ringers) and calltones through its website and cellular phones. Unlike other cellular providers, Sprint offers subscribers a free ringer for the holidays on its website. Sprint’s ringer webpage, Digital Lounge, resembles any other online CD or music website with its sophisticated filter and search functions, graphical CD covers, and all of the hottest music. Sprint’s genres are expansive and appeal to nearly every consumer group by including everything from “Indie Greats” to “Songs for Baby Boomers.” Downloads from the Digital Lounge are $2.50 and appear on Sprint’s monthly bills. The Digital Lounge offers much more than just ringers; you’ll also find screensavers, themes and games. One unique feature in the Digital Lounge is the Content Manager, where subscribers can organize all of their downloads, preview audio clips of ringers and call tones, watch previews of new television shows, and resend purchases to new phones after upgrading cell phone models.


T-Mobile offers subscribers a variety of ringtone options, including MegaTones, instrumental ringtones of favorite songs; HiFi Ringers, short clips of actual artist recordings; and CallerTunes, ringback tones that callers hear when calling your phone. MegaTones downloads are $1.99 each and can be downloaded by going to “t-zones” on your ringtone-capable phone and browsing the MegaTones category or by logging onto My T-Mobile. T-Mobile’s HiFi Ringers are excerpts from hit songs by today’s top-selling artists at $2.49 each. CallerTunes allow you to entertain your callers by playing excerpts from original artist recordings - and, you can set different CallerTunes for different people. For only $1.49 a month, you can download and store up to 15 CallerTunes; or, for $1.99 per tune, you can choose your tunes for a one-time download fee.

Verizon Wireless

Verizon also offers thousands of ringtones and ringback tones for download. Verizon calls its ringtones VZW Tones, which are available on all Get It Now enabled cellular phones or online at Verizon’s website. Verizon phones and its website allow users to preview ringtones and browse by different categories (like “What’s Hot” and “What’s New). Ringtones are handset specific, so before purchasing a ringtone, be sure to check that your phone is compatible with your chosen tunes. When ready to purchase, users can preview ringtones, add to an online cart, and agree to have the $2.99 fee added to his/her next bill. Each ringtone is available for $2.99. Although it’s tempting to search for free ringtone downloads on the plethora of ringtone websites out there, users should beware: Verizon blocks ringtones from any site other than its “Get It Now” platform from downloading to any of its phones.

AT&T (formerly Cingular Wireless)

AT&T offers subscribers the option to join the Tone Club, a service that allows you to download ringtones every month at a discount. Subscribers can choose from a 3- , 6-, or 9-pack set. This service is available as a monthly subscription that ranges from $5.99 to $9.99 per month. Charges incurred from the Tone Club appear on monthly bills. AT&T also offers a MyMEdia Club, a feature that you can add to your account that allows you to download ringtones, graphics and games from the AT&T Media Mall or directly from your phone for a monthly subscription fee that ranges from $5.99 to $14.99. To download ringtones from AT&T, first ensure that you have a compatible phone (visit the AT&T website to search for your phone and ensure that you have a model that will support the ringtones you want). For those who aren’t interested in a subscription service, you can purchase ringtones a la carte for a one-time fee of $2.49; AT&T also charges for the number of kilobytes or minutes used for the download. Charges for ringtones are reflected on monthly wireless bills. AT&T customers can search for ringtones in one of three ways: online at the AT&T Wireless website, on cellular phones via Media Net (your wireless phone’s version of the internet), or via text messaging. Once the ringtone is transmitted to your phone, you’ll receive a series of prompts that will indicate how to save your ringtone as a default or a specific setting.


Cricket offers countless downloads through its web browsers on all web-enabled phones, allowing Cricket users to customize their phones with the hottest games, tunes and applications around. To make buying even easier, Cricket offers a simple click and buy process on its mobile phones, allowing customers to easily purchase and install their downloads in just a few short minutes. For customers who are unsure if their phone supports downloads, be sure to visit Cricket’s website and view the list of compatible phones, which include Kyocera, Motorola, Nokia and Samsung models.

Other Download Sources

Of course cell phone users aren’t limited to their service providers for the latest in ringtones. Music-based websites like MTV, iTunes and Vh1 are cashing in on consumers urges to personalize their mobile phones by offering excusive ringtones, graphics and games. Vh1, for instance, offers ringtones from many of its popular shows, content that is not available through any of the major wireless carriers. In order to download content from VH1, you must be a T-Mobile, Cingular, or AT&T subscriber and have a phone that can play either polyphonic tones or digitones, depending on what you are purchasing. The good news for consumers is that they will not be charged for purchasing an application or ringtone that isn’t compatible with their phone. Ringtones from VH1 are $1.99 each.

MTV and iTunes offer the latest in ringtone content by updating their websites daily. To date, Verizon, Cingular, T-Mobile and Sprint customers can purchase from the MTV mobile store. iTunes, the behemoth of all online music providers, offers an extensive library of ringtones that are only compatible with Apple’s iPhone, serviced through AT&T Wireless. These ringtones are $0.99 each. iTunes allows you to create ringtones from songs in the iTunes Store or your music library. Newer arrivals to the ringtone scene include,,, and, all of which provide membership/subscription plans and a huge variety of genres from which to pick. Users of all major carriers can easily be accommodated by one of these websites.

*Not responsible for pricing as they change often, visit the websites to get current pricing and offerings information.

Should You Buy a New iPod Touch, or Would You Rather More Options When You Buy Microsoft Zune?

Friday, November 20th, 2009
Cameron Connery asked:

It’s not easy to decide how to best spend almost $300 on a media player.  When the average lifespan of a small electronic is usually no longer than 2 years, the price begins to look more expensive by the minute.  If you’re like me, you want to know you’re buying a media player that’s worth owning and playing around with for that kind of money, one that’s not going to cause you grief, or wear out in less than 4 months.

Both Apple and Microsoft have solutions to this problem; Apple’s new iPod Touch is a great option, but if you buy Microsoft Zune HD in its new glory, you might be happier yet.

1. Keep it longer - get more battery life: If you want your portable media player to last, you’ll want to buy the brand with the better battery.  My experience and research has shown that, not only does Apple’s iPod Touch not even come withint 50% of the advertised 30 hours of battery life per charge, but that Microsoft Zune HD’s battery lasts longer and performs better during movie and music playback.  For me, this is a great selling point over the iPod.

2. Find your music easier: Zune HD has better navigation and more intuitive labels than the iPod Touch has.  Therefore, you spend more of your time paging through your pictures on the Zune HD than you do scrolling through endless lists of files on the iTouch.  Time-wise, it’s a much better trade-off, especially since you don’t have to put up with pressing tiny little icons on the Touch to get where you want to go.

3. Use Zunepass instead of iTunes: I don’t know about you, but I’m not so into that whole pay-per-song bit with iTunes, especially since they come protected.  With Zunepass, you pay $14.99 a month and get 10 MP3s to keep each time, plus unlimited music whenever you want.  No more putting up with radio stations that don’t really play what you want to hear on iTunes.