Guide : How to Transfer Songs/videos From Ipod to Computer

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How To Put the Contents Of Your iPod On Your Computer (Without iTunes) and Not Get Ripped Off By Loser Software…

You’ve probably thought about putting the contents of your iPod onto your computer’s hard drive for safe keeping without using iTunes.A quick search on Google reveals hundreds of downloadable “iPod to computer” programs that claim to do just that. But how do you know which one to use? Our intrepid editors spent a fullmonth testing and reviewing dozens of software to find the right answer.

To test each product, we simply used the software to transfer the contents of different iPods to our computer’s hard drive. This allowed us to easily see if the software worked as claimed. We tested by transfering 1000’s of songs and dozens of different movies. We used the iPhone and 3 different versions of the iPod, the Classic, Nano, and Touch. Our Shocking Discovery.

It seems the greater majority of iPod and iPhone “to computer” software simply does not work as promised. In almost all cases they could not get past the devices security. Most software would save the songs, but when putting them back on the iPod, the device simply would not play them. Another finding of ours was even more disturbing. During our testing we downloaded many different products.

It wasn’t long before we noticed our computers were not running as smoothly as they used to.It seems some of these manufacture’s were including data mining spyware with the software! First they sell you a poor performing product,and then they steal your personal information to sell to advertisers. Maybe for them that’s business, but for us, it’s a huge violation of privacy.

Fortunately, we were able to find a few products that stood out above all the rest. To begin with, these products did not come with any spyware to steal your personal information. Second, no matter what content we tranfered or which model iPod was used, we got 100% success rate transfered to our computer. If you want to transfer your iPhone or iPod’s content to your computer, without getting ripped off, use one of these services.

“Here’s The iPod to Computer Transfer Software You Can Trust…”

Cucusoft iPod to Computer Transfer

The Cucusoft iPod to Computer software was the number one product we tested. The software worked everytime on multiple devices without hang ups. We kept this one personally and now have the contents of multiple iPods on our hard drive ready to go in any mp4 player we like. Operating the software was also very easy, it only took 3 clicks of the mouse to get started. (We really how like it auto scans your device and organizesthe files upon start up.)

Customer service was also very good; with each email sent we got a prompt detailed reply from a friendly representative.

This is our number one choice. For quality, ease of use, and customer service Cucusoft toped them all. If you don’t know which one to buy, get this one…you won’t be disappointed.

Price : $29.95

How To Transfer Songs/Videos/Playlists And More From iPod To Computer ?

1. Download Cucusoft iPod To Computer software

2. Run Cucusoft iPod To Computer software. The software will scan your ipod device automatically.

Check the songs you want to transfer.

3. Click “Start Transfer” to transfer songs to your computer.

4. Choose a method to transfer from ipod to your pc or itunes.  Click “Start Transfer”.

5. That’s it. Enjoy!.

You can get your music files at the output folder.

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