How to Make Money With Your Music Online

Don Taylor asked:

Many things have changed since the Internet became an essential part of our lives.

Not only it changed the way we communicate but also how we

work and play.

Things are changing drastically every day with new trends and

ideas like never before.

The internet played a huge role for the music industry as well

changing everything since the CD revolution.

Digital delivery is becoming the major selling format and it’s

growing every day as more people gain access to the Internet.

iTunes alone has sold over 3 Billion legal music downloads since

the service launched in April 2003.

Due to the internet today it is easier for every musician to get his music out to the public without having a record deal a manager or crazy connections.

But it could also be pretty frustrating if your music is out there and heard but you don’t make any money from it.

If you consider that record companies pay you every nine months, getting money directly in to your PayPal account right after you sell your music is a great deal.

By selling your music on your own you are also managing your publishing rights. You get to choose how and where to sell your songs and you can determine your price.

Personally I like to manage my music copyrights on my own as well.

Find out the most effective ways to convert your music into cash

and start making money with it today.

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