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Apple Ipod Shuffle: a Complete Multimedia

Thursday, November 19th, 2009
Raina Kelsey asked:

Equip yourself with the latest entertainment channels with the Apple ipod Shuffle. The Apple ipod Shuffle comes with multitude of functionalities that users of it can enjoy and give expression how he/ she spends his daily routine.

There is iTunes feature in the Shuffle. It is an entertainment superstore that’s open all the time. A jukebox that lets you organize all your digital media. A way to get music and more from your computer to your iPod. In other words, it’s your iPod’s best friend.

With the ipod Shuffle, users of it can forget the drive to the superstore. No more waiting for CDs to arrive in the mail. Browse more than 6 million songs on the iTunes Store. Listen to a free 30-second preview. It’s the fastest, easiest way to build a digital music collection.

Thanks to Shuffle you would never miss any episode of your favorite show. Buy one episode at a time or a whole season from the iTunes Store and you can watch on your computer, on your iPod, or on your widescreen TV using Apple TV. Any time is prime time with iTunes.

Coming to the Audiobooks part of the Shuffle , users can browse the virtual shelves of the iTunes Store for thousands of audiobooks. From best-selling novels to language lessons, the Shuffle makes reading a hobby without any problem.

Podcasts is another feature that users of it can enjoy. There are options where one could visit the iTunes Store to subscribe to thousands of audio and video podcasts — free.

For those users who loves to play games in iPod, it comes with a Play classics such as Ms. PAC-MAN and Tetris for $4.99 on the iTunes Store, then sync them to your iPod and play. Every game is designed to work perfectly with the iPod Click Wheel (and to provide hours of fun).

Apple Ipod Shuffle: the New Face of Music Players

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009
Alice Erin asked:

Apple launched the digital audio player with many expectations. Its entry was mainly after getting an excellent name in the electronic market. Apple Inc. took no time in having a large part of market share. The digital audio player became an instant hot selling device in the market, thanks to it’s really mind blowing features. The digital audio player iPod Shuffle was designed and marketed by Apple Inc that marked the beginning of a revolution in the field of musical entertainment. This media player is the budget model coming from the lineage of Apple, which got a big success in the mobile phone market. If looking for the specialties, this model is the first one from iPod to use flash memory. Prior to this model, all the models were storing data on a hard disk.

The Apple iPod Shuffle media player is the second generation model that weighs just 15 grams. The Shuffle model was introduced on January 11, 2005 with an eye catching design that could comfortably store songs and play them in random order. The availability of an “autofill” feature in iTunes makes it easy to select songs at random from a user’s music library. These songs could then be copied and fitted into the memory of the Shuffle. What makes the model important is its capacity to store up to 240 songs. Another attractive feature of the Shuffle is its bass response that is better than 4th generation iPods. Remember, the first generation Shuffle weighed 0.78 ounces.

The latest music player Shuffle carries various features offered by iTunes. The capability of this gadget to reduce the bit rate of songs to 128 kbit/s is just one among the many attractive features of the player. Let us now have a look at the physical appearance of the music player. We could see that the front of the iPod Shuffle comes with buttons for Play/Pause, Next Song/ Fast Forward, Previous Song/Fast Reverse and up and down volume adjustments. The model is also used as a USB flash drive. The user will find no difficulty in storing all required information and music in this music player.