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Promote Music Online 101

Sunday, June 14th, 2009
Jane Worthington asked:

You are a musician with a brilliant new sound. The world is waiting to hear from you but how do you make sure that happens today instead of five years down the road? Trying out for and making American Idol is always an option if you believe your voice is your what is going to help you make it big. If you are more of an instrumental kind of person, or simply have no interest in a reality television show, then you need to try another route. You should use the internet to your advantage and make sure that everyone hears about your amazing talents through cyberspace!

The internet is an incredibly valuable tool through which you can promote music. Not just anyone’s music; however, YOUR music. The first step is to set up a website on which people can learn about you and your music, listen to a few sample tunes, and know where they can go see you perform live. You can also send your site to radio stations to see if any would be interested in playing your tunes or putting a link to your website on their websites. You also need to contact online music retailers such as iTunes, Rhapsody, and others so that they can also sell your music for you.

In order learn how to promote your music effectively, you need to be prepared to put in several hours of hard work. There are proven methods that have worked for other musicians so in order to have a high success rate, you need to learn from their mistakes. A solid website that is full of information about yourself, your projects, your goals, and your appearances is key in being picked up by a radio station. It is good to remember that it is all right, even necessary, to start at the bottom. Try talking to larger college radio stations in hopes that they will agree to play your music. Many of these deejays graduate and pursue careers in radio after college is finished. If you keep up your correspondence, you might have finally made it onto commercial radio!

Try promoting your music through every avenue but make sure you utilize the internet. It will prove to be your most effective marketing tool!