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Ipod for Audio Books

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009
Suzie Goldie asked:

is a music and movies player, but people can listen to audiobooks and other spoken-work content, while commuting, jogging or exercising. Audiobooks are either complete or abridged recordings of books, which are read out loud and recorded. Sometimes the author himself reads the book, like Bill Clinton’s My Life, and the late Douglas Adams’s Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Others are read by famous actors, like John Lithgow’s reading of Michael Crichton’s Disclosure and Joe Mantegna’s readings of Robert B. Parker’s mysteries.

Usually, these are read by professional readers whose purpose is to make a book sound as compelling as it is on paper. After purchasing CD audiobooks, you can import them into iTunes and listen on your iPod like other digital audio. The Ipod audio books from the iTunes Music Store or are created as one or two files lasting ten hours each, making them easier to listen and manage in your iTunes Library.

Buying audio books on-line

It is good to know your options as these can be expensive, costing more than paper books. provides the same quality of audio book content that the iTunes Music Store sells, apart from Audible’s broader selection of non-book audio programs and its monthly subscription that includes either one book a month for $15 or any two Ipod audio books for $22 a month.

You can only buy individual titles from the iTunes Music Store. Fans of audiobooks will view this as a great deal; you spend more than that for most individual audiobooks on CD or from the iTunes Music Store. Yet, if you only want single audiobook without a monthly subscription, check both places: on some books, the iTunes Music Store is much cheaper than Audible.

You can rip audiobooks from CDs to use in iTunes and iPod. For maximum benefit, you have to choose a format for importing, join tracks on the CD, and make the files able to be bookmarked. When you sync audio books to your iPod, they appear in one of two places. If they are bookmarked, they appear in the Music > Audiobooks menu automatically, though they are not in that genre. They also show up by genre, artist or “song”. If they cannot be bookmarked, you will have to search for them from these latter menus.

You play Ipod audio books like other audio files, but bookmarked audio books give you an extra advantage. This is going to the iPod’s Settings menu and selecting Audio books which let you choose a different speed for the playback or change the speed of a droll or hyper reader: Faster or Slower. The played file’s speed changes, not the voice. The distortion noticed is not a problem.

This change can also be made as you’re listening to Ipod audio books. After they start playing, press the Select button thrice. Run your finger around the scroll wheel clockwise to make it ‘Faster’; scroll the other way to return to ‘Normal’, or to change it to ‘Slower’.

Why You should Consider Selling The iPod Video

Thursday, June 18th, 2009
Gregg Hall asked:

If you are looking for a hot product to sell you should take a look at the iPod video. These remarkable devices are selling incredibly well especially when you consider that there hasn’t been any research done prior to releasing it to see if there was even a market for it.

The device is especially popular among teens and professional business people and others who travel extensively. The only downside noticed may be that the screen is easily scratched but protective film covers can be purchased. This is also a good ancillary market for wholesalers looking to benefit from the success of the iPod video.

One of the other reasons for the success of the iPod video is that it is riding on the success of the television and movie industry. The iPod video is being found to help make some television shows and movies. Some shows such as “24″ and “Lost” have also helped the device to be so popular. The iTunes Music Store is also helping to fuel sales with the opportunity to buy episodes of popular TV shoes and more.

In the Unites States in particular the iPod is very hot so if you live in the U.S. you have another advantage and should really find a wholesale source so that you can begin capitalizing on this market. There are tons of accessories that make this a very lucrative opportunity. There is no sign of the sales of the devices slowing down and in fact the release of this product is making sales of all iPods increase globally.

The iPod video has been responsible for the lion’s share of all Apple product sales. As a reseller of the products you can piggy back on the success and sell pre-owned iPods or iPod accessories by getting them wholesale and reselling them either on eBay, at local flea markets or on you own online store. With the incredible video features, more memory, better battery life, and the ability to purchase and watch TV shows, movies, and music videos there will be no slowing down in sales for this device for the foreseeable future. I highly suggest that you do not delay in starting to sell these high demand products and I would begin looking for wholesale sources immediately.

A good place to start would be by going online and putting in the term “wholesale iPod” to find all wholesale sources possible for the device as well as accessories. This is how I find wholesalers for any product I am looking for. So start clicking.

iPod Music Videos - Watch And Learn

Monday, June 1st, 2009
George Murphy asked:

If you kow anything about how today’s “artists” sell albums, you’ll not be surprised when I say, “it’s not all about the music”. And indeed its not. Let me give you a little example. The itunes music store has over 2000 music videos for sale. That is some serious camara time. Whatever happened to the Replacements? But, if you’re down with the glitz and the glamour and the diamonds resting in the bottom of a Dom P drenched champagne flute, then I’m talking your style.

And what style is that exactly? Ipod music videos, of course. That thing in your pocket isn’t just a single function unit, you know. Well, that is of course, if you’ve got a 5th generation ipod. If you do there’s a multitude of ways that you can realize the potential of it. You can watch everything from TV shows to movies and ipods music videos.

There’s also a plentitude of ways that you can obtain the videos, or whatever you want to watch. Take videos that you’ve taken off of your camara and have put on to your computer. Do you have some favorite movies on there (I know that most of my friends do)? You can put them right into your itunes, and then into the library icon. Once its on your computer your good to go to fill up your ipod. And then, as stated earlier, there is an amazing list of ipod music videos that are available for purchase on the itunes website.

The point is that as good as the photos look on your ipod, the ipod music videos are going to look just as clear and nice. So, use them. You have videos already sitting around on your computer, so load them up and get them mobile.