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Gotta be Somebody Ringtone - Nickelback - Gotta be Somebody Ringtone

Thursday, November 12th, 2009
Jim McEwan asked:

Click Here to Download the Gotta Be Somebody Ringtone by Nickelback

The Gotta Be Somebody Ringtone by Nickelback is one of the hottest ringtones in the world. If you are looking for a new ringtone for your phone, the Gotta Be Somebody Ringtone is the perfect choice! Gotta Be Somebody is the first official single to be released from Nickelback’s sixth studio album, Dark Horse. The song has already reached #1 on American iTunes Rock Chart and #3 on the overall top selling songs chart. It shot to the #1 spot overall on the Canadian iTunes store upon its release. The single is expected to debut on the Billboard Hot 100 next week.

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Gotta Be Somebody has become one of the most popular singles in the world. The track is doing well on music charts around the world, including the Billboard Hot 100 Chart and iTunes Top Songs Chart. The track has also topped Canadian and European Charts, making the ringtone very popular in those nations as well as in America. The Gotta Be Somebody music video is one of the hottest clips on YouTube and MTV. If you want to download the Gotta Be Somebody Ringtone by Nickelback, click on the link below and sign up. You will instantly be able to download the Gotta Be Somebody Ringtone and will also be able to get bonus ringtones of your choice. Click on the link below and sign up now to download the Gotta Be Somebody Ringtone.

Click Here to Download the Gotta Be Somebody Ringtone by Nickelback

Watch Music Videos Online That Have Been Created By “You”!

Friday, May 29th, 2009
Brooke Hayles asked:

For anyone living in the civilized world, must have by now seen the newest fad to hit the Internet. Google is among the first to offer this newest tool, and in doing it has come with a huge price tag. This newest fad allows you to watch music videos online and short videos as well.

A music video is basically as the name states. It can be a short or full-length video that is set to music. The subject of your music video can be anything from a band playing or practical joke or stunts done in front of a camera.

What you can do with a music video is limited only by your own imagination. With this newest tool, you can watch a music video online that you have created.

If you have merchandise that you want to sell online you can also create a music video to promote it in a creative manner for everyone to watch.

If you ever had the desire to learn how to play an instrument, it is now possible to watch music video on the Internet and receive step by step instructions on how to play any instrument you desire. For some having a visual aide is more productive than just reading or listening to the instructions.

There are many places to watch music video online, doing a simple Google search will yield thousands of links including itunes where you can buy or share music videos. is another very popular site for music videos.

If you want to have others to a watch music video online that you created, you can research google video or both have an extremely large online community.

Another site that has gained popularity is This site has become such a huge success that even though Google paid an outrageous price of over one billion dollars, they feel they can still make a profit by offering the service allowing the consumer to watch a video online.

Of course MTV, the people who brought music videos to television, and created music awards is also involved in online music videos. These sites offer you the choice to upload or watch a video online.

Although you can watch videos online and even upload your own for others to view, there are still certain things you cannot do.

You cannot take your favorite movies and videos and upload them on a free share site for all to view. This is highly illegal and most likely you will be prosecuted. Also, you cannot take your favorite CD and share it on a free site. These are considered to be copyright infringement and it is illegal.

When you want to purchase movies or videos, visit reputable online stores or conventional stores. Downloading movies video and software is illegal.

If you want to watch music video online that you create yourself, there are plenty of places where you can upload them. This is legal because you own the rights to the videos you create. You can do what you want with them. Sites like Amazon and Ebay are companies that are established and have reputations of excellence.


Living in today’s technology-based world has the advantage of being able to try the newest, latest, and coolest new tools and devices. You can watch music video online that you create and share with your family and friends.