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Get Set Go With Free Music Downloads!

Saturday, June 13th, 2009
Jacob Marshal asked:

Offering young consumers an easy- to-use alternative to pirated music sites is compelling. Still, given the fragmentation of the digital music business - there are hundreds of them who are willing to offer cost-free music. Analysts believed that this new offering would help further booming of the music industry.

While the music industry for years thought of offering free music downloads, rampant online piracy has created the need to experiment with new digital business models. The growth of online advertising has encouraged industry executives, and the advertisers are supporting music services so as to win consumer acceptance, while still the record companies and artists are still compensating somewhere down the line.

Few service providers are currently in a position to provide the large audiences the variety that all the music addicts would love to, with the power of advertising revenue by their side. This is certainly being pitched as a challenge to the piracy world and probably an answer to the world of piracy. It was a very memorable moment or, at least, for the sake of true music lovers when different companies decided to offer downloadable music.

After more than a decade of neither publicly affirming nor denying, music buffs have finally gone online and are engaged in downloading movies, songs, etc. One can also download music tracks of your choice and save on the desktop or for that matter our mobile. Apple brands iPod, in conjunction with iTunes, its music web site, has given a facility on the internet where iPod users can purchase and download songs for less than $1 per song. Any artist can have an online presence, promote their music to an audience of millions, and let consumers download their music to their hearts’ content. Music download sites include over 5,00,000 digital music downloads. eMusic is one such site where you can get 50 free music downloads just for the beginners. Downloading music is simple and easy. One just needs to know few basic process and can get started.

You could listen to your favorite music tracks or download the songs of your choice to your handset and drive away your blues. Download your favorite soundtracks and enjoy listening music tracks on go!

Music-industry Expert Moses Avalon Launches Groundbreaking Portal

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009
Eric de Fontenay asked:

Leading music-industry expert The Moses Avalon Company announced the launch of an interactive educational portal based on its successful Confessions of a Record Producer live-workshop series. Confessions Workshop On-Line contains 11 lessons, containing subjects ranging from copyright and royalties to new developments in digital distribution, music piracy, and the iTunes model. There is also an extensive library of Q&A compiled from years of live workshops and a link to ask Mr. Avalon direct questions. The only music-business workshop in the nation accredited by the California Bar Association, Confessions Workshop On-Line makes it simple for artists, songwriters, producers, and others to view the program anytime, anywhere.

Superstar producer Rob Chiarelli (Christina Aguilera, Will Smith) describes it as “the most well thought-out, articulate, and comprehensive workshop ever conceived. Absolutely the best”. Other industry pros’ comments have echoed this sentiment. “With so much change in the music industry lately and more artists using unconventional methods to further their careers, Confessions Workshop On-Line is the perfect tool for them to stay informed and empowered about their rights in a contract and their business in general”, says CEO Moses Avalon, “This is like having 24/7 access to a music-industry expert at your beck and call. Considering today’s economy, it’s far better than traveling to a live workshop or spending thousands on a music-industry college class.”

For more information, visit

About The Moses Avalon Company

For over eight years, the Moses Avalon Company has offered a wide array of products and services for those interested in learning about the music business. From platinum-selling recording artists and producers to the US Senate Judiciary Committee on Record-Industry Accounting Practices, countless knowledge-seekers have sought the company’s expertise on the ins and outs of the ever-changing business of music. Services include music-industry contract analysis and consultation, dispute resolution, expert-witness testimony, and the ever-popular Confessions of a Record Producer live workshop, based on Mr. Avalon’s best-selling book. The workshop, the only one of its kind to offer CLE credits to practicing attorneys, is also available online at For more information, visit

About Moses Avalon

Mr. Avalon began his career by producing and engineering records for several major and independent labels. After noticing that all the “how-to” books on the music industry were written from a formally-legal perspective and thus inaccessible to musicians, he took a more informal, real-world approach when writing his first best-seller, Confessions of a Record Producer: How To Survive the Scams and Shams of the Music Business. The book is now integrated in over 40 colleges’ curricula and the inspiration for a successful live workshop and online education portal. Mr. Avalon remains an active lecturer around the world, popular blogger of Moses Supposes, frequent guest at Bar Association events, CEO of The Moses Avalon Company, and author of two other books on the music industry.